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New Wave Kids® printable CD audio e-books with text, illustrations, interactive sound effects, and music—ship free NOW! Ages 3-6
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EnhanceBook® Review

In The Midwest Book Review October 07, 2007
Children Book Watch
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief. Diane C. Donovan, Editor says, PACE EnhanceBooks® has produced an impressive New Wave Kids series. All are totally engaging, thoroughly kid friendly, constructively fun, and enthusiastically recommended.

Educator Approved

Monrovia Elementary Alabama "The e-books have been a wonderful tool to use within my classroom during my small group instruction. These e-books will be used to help my strugglers have fun with reading. Thank you again," La'Tasha Webster, 1st grade Grade Level Leader

The Carroll School Texas
"Dear Pace, Thank you for the wonderful cd books. We listen to them every day! They really enjoyed the coloring book. This series of books is great for prek thru 1st. Thank you for choosing our school to test your products. Please keep us in mind if you every decide to make products for the upper grades. Thank you," Mrs. Carroll

Responsibility Balance

EnhanceBooks® takes seriously its mission to encourage literacy through constructive fun and to respect the role of parents in their children's education. Hence, we suggest that before your child focus becomes completely pointed towards computer activity games; introduce them to an interactive CD-ROM storybook.

Infolinks Resource
Inspiring student book report subjects. Historic Newspapers. Inventory from the 1600's and 1700's. Moments in American history. Pre and Post-Civil War.

Printable Talking eBooks
Talking Ebooks for Kids
EnhanceBooks® Supplying school libraries across the nation. 3D Virtual self-run CD-ROM storybooks with text, illustrations, interactive sound effects, and music.

Got New Wave Kids®? Try Kide™Match the alphabet learning card game. Cartoon picture clocks, posters and stickers.

Free E-book Offer Elementary School Educators

EnhanceBooks® the new way for children to explore literature, learn and play.

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2010 Lincoln Cents
Preservation of the Union

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